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This jewellery collection offers you an original range of gifts products to subtly perfume your personal surroundings. You will find the high quality you are looking for between 6€ to 34,50€.

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Les Parfumantes : Diffusers


High Temperature Diffuser

This diffuser combines a new technology and a hundred-year-old discovery. It heats up the perfume at the perfect temperature to diffuse a pleasant scent into the room.


Depending on the time of the dfay the color of the sun changes...These three suns in pink,golden yellow and glowing red decorate the home interior and perfume the surrounding atmosphere with a delightful sweet scent.

Bestseller perfume "Bois du Tibet"

Since 1999, thousands of people have used this woody fragrance daily.

Scented teddy bear

A range of sweet fragrances of a ceramic teddy bear can be used to diffuse pleasant fragrances in the car.

We offer the decorative world the same patented technologies, quality and creativity that we use for the most famous cosmetic brands.

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