"Bois du Tibet"
Home fragrance

flacon 50ml aluminium Bois du Tibet

This perfume was created with the basic idea of making a personal fragrance for the body also usable as a home fragrance. It quickly became a real success:
- Unanimous satisfaction.
- Unbelievably longlasting (6 to 8 months).
- Bois de Tibet is the perfect complimentary fragrance to create a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere at home.
- "Bois du Tibet" is our bestseller, you can find it used with many of our other products, such as the diffusers, or in our "scents and deco" range, as well as in our "privacy and small gesture" products or in our variety of business gifts we offer.

"Bois du Tibet" is available in small bottles of 100 ml as a strong concentrate (25%)


Do not forget to add our range of lamp rings to your basket. They are really useful to obtain a controlled pleasant fragrance in all rooms of the home.


"Bois du Tibet" is now available in small aluminium bottles, meaning that it can be sent to you easily by post and the bottles can be carried with you anywhere...

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