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High Temperature Diffuser


Choose between the spring and its flower "Thé vert a goa" or the Imaginary "Bois Du Tibet"...

And if i could never stop using it?

Easy and efficient to use

Simply light the diffuser for two minutes, blow out the flame and let it diffuse the perfume into the surrounding atmosphere.
The High Temperature Diffuser "les parfumables" removes musty and unpleasant smells (cigarettes, oil..). With one bottle you will enjoy 16 evenings or 40 hours of pleasant fragrances in your favorite room (estimation based on a 40m2 room).

High Quality Perfume

catacata- Listening to music in a peaceful atmosphere with "Thé Vert a Goa" NEW
-Cosy and convivial atmosphere with our fragrance “Bois du Tibet”.
- Spring atmosphere with “Fleurs Blanches”.


Instructions for use and FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Advantages: Clean, Easy to Use and Safe.

- No more wick to adjust or change, the ceramic diffuser part warms without burning away. It can be used again and again, bottle after bottle.
- Avoid the messiness of refilling an empty bottle: simply replaced it with another.
- No more wax to clean off your furniture.
- The screwtop on the burner ensures safety and comfort of use. It controls the flame, keeping it stable and moderate. Dur to the leakproof bottle, in case of an accidental where it falls over, the perfume will not leak out.
- The controlled perfume diffusion ensures that the Diffuser releases a continuous amount of perfume that refreshed the atmosphere but is not so much as to stink eyes or bother the occupants.

prix cata

At this economical price you can place this high temperature diffuser everywhere you wish.

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