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Created in the early nineties and now supported by four patents, this unique ceramic release all the notes of fragrances, without denaturing or altering it. It’s an efficient tool, offering all the necessary warranties needed to comply with the demand of the fine fragrance industry.

Ceramic testers and Ceramic Fragrance strips.The New Olfactive Experience

Discover the fragrances through our Sale’s Point ceramic testers and get a long lasting ceramic blotter which will strongly enhance the ability to recall the experience when the motivation for buying appears. More about the New Olfactive Experience.

Promotional gifts for premium and fine fragrances.Boxed sets, Traffic tools & Gift with purchase.

Development, prototypes and quality controled production in France. Industrial performance, creativity, on time delivery and reliable services.

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Ceramics and Perfume ?

When comes the time for you to trust a product to put your perfume on, just like you wouldn’t choose any type of paper for your perfume strips, you must make sure that the absence of scent denaturation across time can be reliably tested for each of your perfumes.

As well as changing quality of restitutions, traditional ceramics often contain organic components inclined to alter the notes of the perfume. Moreover, some traces of heavy metals found in grounds where ceramic comes from can have similar effects. It is therefore safe to use solutions tested and approved by the cosmetic industry.

For all these reasons, we offer a process supported by four patents. This process comprises of an exclusive ceramic material which has for unique function to hold and retain properly the notes of fragrances. Furthermore, the process includes a series of tests allowing for trustworthy control of product quality over time and across environments.

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