Private Label

Your personalized business relationship
Give incent, motivate and reward customers and employees

FineScent® : finescent gravée
The perfumed ceramic card

Gift with Purchase
Attract new customers by word-of-mouth and reward loyal customers by offering them an elegant "gift with purchase". FineScent®

Give this ceramic business card to visitors at fairs and conferences and it will be kept as a long-lasting memento of your website or brand.

Le Diffuseur d'Intérieurle diffuseur d'interieur

Business gift
Thank your best customers with a smart gift for the home.
Le Diffuseur d'Intérieur



forteeone, intellignet et durableFORteeONE, sport or fashion. Are you T-shirt worthy ?

Communication et fund-raising : Did you create a remarkable experience with your brand and products ? We'll design the funniest quality T-shirt for just the price of a coffee !


Le Parfumeur Céramiquele Parfumeur Céramique

A helping hand for representatives
Company representatives need goodies to improve relations and thank clients for their time. Offering them this original product gains respect and confidence and enables. It also enables representatves to obtain essential information about the clients project in order to offer him the best offer.
Le Parfumeur Ceramique

Free gift and special offer
Accelerate customer decision-making and increase the number of meetings by offering an attractive gift.
FineScent® & Le Parfumeur Ceramique

81% of cars owners have a perfumed product
However they are have a poor price quality relationship. Your customers will enjoy a smart perfumed product with your brand on it.
Le Parfumeur Ceramique

Jewels to perfume

parure bleue

Les Parfumables® reflect your image

We use the same patented technology and production methods for your products as for the most famous cosmetic brands. The high quality of our products will enhance your brand image and develop customer loyalty. In a word, the perfect gift to develop effective customer-relations and to generate successful project outcomes.

Our commitments

All products are made in Limoges. In order to respect customer project confidentiality our offices are open to your qualitative production controls by appointment.

Our services

We propose to make a product visualisation, personalized to every clients needs.
High-speed delivery can be requested.