ButterFly Box

butterfly box ouverte avec finescent decoréeThe very low weight packaging permits an extremely secured and economic sending of your mailings and even more...

You now FineScent® which have already done its impression to your shop's customers or your visitors during exhibitions. It is now possible to send it by mail. From the largest direct marketing operation to an inauguration or a launching, Butterfly box will distinguish you from your concurrents and will mark your customers by its design and the extraordinary power of the Olfactory Marketing.

butterfly box vue en perspectiveEngineering and Features

Double protection with two slots for secured sending. You send FineScent® in your usual envelopes, on your own mail and you keep the advantage of the large number low costs. A smart presentation even close, with its wings, it enhances your message when your customer open the Butterfly...


  1. Full Service : You only provide your file to our service or our router if you desire a perfect confidentiality. We print your mail with or without personalization and provide the postage paid envelopes. This solution include all costs. Our workshop is open to all your qualitative control missions by appointment to respect the confidentiality of our different customers.
  2. MiddleClass 1 : You provide your personalized mails, envelopes, and self-stick. We realize the building of butterfly box, the insertion of ceramics into them and the sending. Perfect solution for middle and small firm which do not benefit of the large number low costs.
  3. MiddleClass 2 : We provide you the butterfly box with the ceramic on them. You only have to stick them on your mails and send the mails. It is preferable to send them between 3 weeks after the production
  4. Do it Yourself : We provide you by bags of 50 your FineScent® and the Butterfly Box's components. Assembling the components of the box, the ceramic insertion, the sticking on your mail and the sending have to be done by yourself or your subcontractors. This is the more economic version.


Technical Information

Size : 55 x 45 x 4.2 mm
Weight : 8.7 g


All our production is made in Limoges. Our offices are open to all your qualitative production controls by appointment to respect the confidentiality of our different customer's projects.

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