forTEEone - Desirable and sustainable

forteeone the teeny tiny tee The car jewell... or bag jewell !

You have worked hard to create a remarkable experience with your brand image and you are proud of it. Your staff and your customers are yearning to wear / buy the exclusive T-shirt designed for them. In the real life, handling quality, sizes and prices is tricky.
ForTEEone is an answer !
The must : your supporters will be able to perfume their car with their favorite perfume.

Description : T-shirt, polo or Teeny Tiny Tee

forteeone polo chic et sport   forteeone fashion

  • Customized: 1 to 4 colors, from 500 pieces. Your graphic standards are strictly respected.
    Our design office will create a fashion design as a clothes designer could do it..

utilisation durable du forteeoneMy own perfume in my own car. Definitely sustainable

Use your favorite perfume. Spray it 2 or 3 times then refill when the fragrance is fading away.



packing ViewPackaging

Nice individual packaging with instructions for use and certificate of origin. You can easily put your business card in it to offer to your customers.

Main uses :

  1. Business gift: for Christmas time or for a special event (birthday, product launching, unveiling, etc). You will federate your customers around your brand.
  2. Fundraising : Excellent product for your donation campaign. Members will show their support.
  3. Sales promotion and Export: a French product associating Limoges ceramic and Perfume. Very light and easy to carry. Perfect to represent your brand around the world.

Are you T-Shirt worthy !!

In December 2006 Seth Godin expressed the question that every manager should ask when checking whether the company communication is producing the maximum outcome. Do your organization's team and partners wish to have the organization's t-shirt?
The significant concept from this marketing guru inspired the design team at Les Parfumables®. The Teeny Tiny T-shirt means that every organization can offer its supporters the possibility of showing their support. The Teeny Tiny Teeshirt is a highly economical and practical solution - no more problems with having to provide different sized t-shirts; the organization's financial resources will not be ruined by having to delivery them all over the world. The Teeny Tiny Teeshirt is original, practical and easy.

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Our commitments

All the products are made in Limoges. Our offices are open to all your qualitative production controls by appointment to respect the confidentiality of our different customer's projects.

Our services

- Personalized offer and virtual artworks.
- Urgent delivery on request.